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Empaths need to know how to protect themselves in an inauthentic world. Work in progress.

The Scientific American recently published an article “The Science of Spiritual Narcissism,” but then quoted Chogyam Trungpa as if he was somehow an expert on this topic.

“Likewise, in his classic book Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism, the Tibetan Buddhist spiritual leader Chögyam Trungpa wrote:

“Walking the spiritual path properly is…

I would like to explain my mother’s background to understand why she joined a cult, and why, as her only child, this was my upbringing. My mother was born in 1946 and grew up in a tiny apartment block near the centre of communist Budapest. She and her parents were…

Love is feeling in the heart. But it is also a deep respect for others and a wish not to hurt them. This is absent in Vishwananda. Here is the proof.

Just like a good spiritual narcissist, a normal homosexual guru man managed to manipulate the energies/emotions and convince his…

I know I am calling into abyss writing this, as at the time of writing I have no followers, and part of me does not want any followers on medium regarding this topic. I just feel I have to say this for itself.

I want a new Spiritual Paradigm that…

If you, as a seeker of the ‘beyond,’ consider;

  • Wasting your creativity for 30 years (for example)
  • Being abused/coerced into sex, Child abuse
  • Disempowerment, brainwashing
  • Disconnection from your compassion/heart in service of an authority — which means you are also contributing to the disconnection from the Earth herself.

…all the…


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